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BSOD or Blue Screen of Death, this is the most scary thing in life, especially if you had some working experiences with Windows NT and so on. Forget about The Ring, The Eyes or even the disgusting movie The SAW, this BSOD was the most scariest time for most of the windows users.
Your work doesn't saved, your server down, your data lost or in some worse case .. corrupted. Sometime you server can't reboot anymore. Sometime it just freezed.
I think BSOD was the one of the reason why UNIX and other operation systems are still popular. I love windows but still I hate microsoft for such thing. Some people say vista doesn't have such kinda blue screen, oh please .. I don't need those semi-transparant, humming swifts, rounded buttons and super graphics .... let me use my processing power and RAM to somewhere else I desire.
Okay .. enough is enough ...
But this is something different, especially for Today.  
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Published by Kalvin on Tuesday, April 01, 2008 at 6:06 PM.

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