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: Urbar Kaltionary :
Sanction : The act of ignorance
long form : A don't like the way B act .. so A won't work with B, A won't help B and A will force others to stop working with B.
a little bit more longer form : At the same time ... A will let you continue to do what Bs are doin' now. Because A can't stop it or A have no mood to make B to stop or A just don't care.
And also A don't want to support what B are doin' ... so A say don't come near me ... and A will keep pretending Bs are not there ... or A'll turn their blind eyes to B ( whatever B did ... to those .... poor ppls. )
But hey .. A keep shouting like ... A sanction B.
My opinion .... Big Deal ?
If you do something bad/wrong at certain place ... you were banned from that place ... that'll teach you some lesson. But if they ban you for a very long time .. like 15 years ... I mean .. frankly speaking ... you will find another place to go.
Since Bs are banned ( this case .. sanctioned ) because of some cruel acts ... well ..... who say .. they will stop the way they do .. just because of this ( sanction ? ). B may failed in other way ... but I'm quite sure .. it's not because of sanction.
Who suffered ? How many % of the innocent population suffer ? Thanks to China, India and ASEAN ... we are fucked!
And .. to As ... if you can't control those Black and White bullies ... stop pretending you are working for us. Whenever you say .. sanction .. I saw a sitting duck!

Published by Kalvin on Friday, December 28, 2007 at 11:14 AM.

4 Responses to “The World As I See It”

  1. # Blogger Karaweik ကရ၀ိတ္ 妙声鸟 Alvin (Sumedha)

    You are direct to the point, bro :)

    Although I cannot undersatnd the part on "Thanks to China, India and ASEAN..." I think your post is a moment of heart-felt expression of the ground-level truth.

    Actually, I think it is good for ASEAN (with Myanmar included) to remain undivided. A non-judgemental review of the formation of EU and a good reflection on their growth as a formidable group is the clue to how we can all tap on strength in numbers and diversity.

    If you happened to have read my blog post, you will see my personal position on this.

    By the way, your English is excellent! :)  

  2. # Blogger Kalvin

    What I mean is .. Sanction only work effectively when a nation was truly isolated ( and which already depend on regional economic growth. )

    I'm not a economic expert but what I see is ... past decade of sanction is failure. If we look before 20 years ago ... it's the similar situation.

    Well .. a little bit more on the past ... 40 years ago ...

    who are our trade partners ??
    China, India and these Southeast asian countries. If the nation can work with those nearby country ....

    We hardly have western business partner ... ( except Total and current US based gas company operating until now .. lol .. I doubt the US policy. Oh .. France and US are permenent members in UNSC ... also China and Russia )

    So ... what should I expect from that sanction ??? Extreme poverty for 90% of general populaiton ? The truth is bitter, for me, for you and every other normal citizen with no special previleges.

    Just look Cuba .. we are happening like that ... and ..what I feel is "Indifferent" by that ACT.It's all just NATO ( No Action Talk Only ).

    I'm not talking about the human right or whatever political things ... I'm just expressing what I feel about that Talk-show.

    If the human-right abuse is the reason of sanction, what about Vietnam ? Cambodia ? China ?

    Disappointing to see the way they act in this Fish Eat Fish World.

    Day by day .. year by year ... We are becoming one of the pawn on the Global-Power Geo-political chessboard.  

  3. # Blogger May Burma

    I agree with you and Alvin 100%.
    Burmese exiles are in association with lefties who are ignorant of the global world.( people who admire Gandhi and Che and Castro)
    The western world ( white people ) likes to practice their power which is not practical.
    Democracy must come only when the locals are ready for it.
    For that you need to develope the nation commercially.  

  4. # Blogger dilobear

    101% support ur view!!!  

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