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A to Z of the kiasu philosophy

Always must win

Borrow but never return

Cheap is good

Don't trust anyone

Everything also must grab!

Free! Free! Free!

Grab first talk later

Help yourself to everything

I first, I want, I everything

Jump queue

Keep coming back for more

Look for discount

Must not lose face

Never mind what they think

Outdo everyone you know

Pay only when necessary

Quit while you are ahead

Rushing and pushing wins the race

Sample are always welcome

Take but don't give

Unless it's free forget it

Vow to be number one

Winner takes it ALL! ALL! ALL!

X'tra = more

Yell if necessary to get what you want

Zebras are kiasu because they want to be both black and white at the same time.


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Singapore's most famous 5Ks

Kiasu (scared of losing)

Kiasee (scared of death)

Kiabor (scared of wife)

Kiaboh (scared of having nothing)

Kiachenghu (scared of government)

Published by Kalvin on Tuesday, July 31, 2007 at 1:43 PM.


Have you ever think of yourself ? As you know we are some kind of living creature dwelling on this blue planet in somewhere around the small universe. If you have some sanity to compare to those huge matters with yourself and then you will regret that you had ever born. Anyway we’ve already born and lived a few years on this planet. But that doesn’t mean you are important to this planet. Then why do people bother to create such words like “Important” and also some would like to feel “Special”.

Then this essay comes up out of my tiny brain. The title itself was explained upon what I’m about to write. But you know I’m different or at least trying to be a different person. You may wonder why I need to be different and also how I will be different with the other fellow human being after trying so hard. I have very simple answer like you are reading my essay and I wrote this essay. Some people may take this as an indifferent and feeble attempt for stupid attention seeking stunt but hey I dared to do like this.

At first I don’t know how I existed in this world and at that time I don’t even know the world is existed let alone to make an argument whether the world is flat or not. After wasting a few years around with pre-written memories or speech or imagination whatever we call education, I accepted that the world is in round shape and definitely not flat. When I’m writing this sentence I keep remembering some lunatic who’s named a book like “The world is flat”. He may sound professional in his area of expertise but the way he name the book was simply stupid. But we, human being are far more familiar with stupidity. So his book becomes one of best selling book.

Some religion explain the world was created by GOD but they don’t answer the question like who create GOD. And also GOD has nothing to do with my essay. I will have to move on to another topic like how we become human. When I was young I don’t bother to find out why I was existed in the first place. Having both parents is sometime very good. They will tell you various kinds of stories and they will keep reminding you as their own offspring.

I was born in a quite big family as the first grandchild for my grandparents. They are my first grandparents too. I have more than 3 uncles and 4 aunties but a few of them died with various reasons. As a first grandchild in the whole family I don’t have any cousin to play with. So I become friendly to all adult people around me since I was young. I used to talk with collage professor about how I like to eat 2 fried eggs sitting on the table. And I used to play chess with some High School headmaster. Believe me that I used to be the winner at that time. It’s not because that I’m very smart, it’s because they don’t want me to go around and play as a rebel. Playing Chess keep me sit still on a chair for long hour.

Later in life I have no mood to play chess anymore. It’s simply I don’t like the manner of the opponent who always try to win the game. And I don’t want to stuck on a chair playing with such kind of selfish person. Anyway my school days are usual like everyone except I was in the group of quite bright kids. The school used to give me a report card which show that I am at the position One. My parents were proud of me that their first child was ahead of whole class. But I feel indifferent. I don’t care about exams and positions but I do care about my classmate. They are the first few friends who are in my age and size. I can play very well with them and unlike adult people they always want to play with me.

Playing around and messing around are the best part in childhood memories. I used to kick the dogs, ducks and geese on the way to school and some owners come to my home and make some complaints to my grandparents. But I always get away with some reasons. When I’m at the age of knowing self, I already had some pets. A few dogs, a couple of cats and a tank full of various fishes.

I don’t know why but I like them very much but they don’t stay long. They die out one by one, some lost and losing something you valued make you feel miserable, like you I felt very sad and that cause me not to own a pet in later life. I moved my interest and likeness to the toys. Toys may got stolen, left over or simply lost but at least they don’t die. I still have a lot of small toys at home ( if my youngest brother don’t spoil all of them. )

After school life it seems like all the good days are over. During school we used to calculate a few thing everyday. How many periods left to end the day and also how many days left to weekend. Weekends are the best thing I have when I was young but later on weekends are the worst thing I can’t avoid because of the full schedule of tutions round the clock.

Before I start my university I spoiled my youth and end my happy-go-round life. What did I do ? I start studying computer related things. And the worst is I like to study programming. Pascal and C programming are the best thing I ever had to study but they really spoiled my youth. I have no mood to fool around the city as I used to do before and stop talking with a lot of people because I simply don’t have time to talk to them and also they also don’t want to talk with some kind of weirdo with full of logics.

This is not the end but it’s very close to end an essay, another bad thing I did to myself was I start working when I was so young. Even my mom don’t want me to start working, I work by my own decision and that make myself more independent than before and that cause a lot of consequences such as now I decide myself for whatever I want to do. And start compromising with other peoples in life.

A lot of adult in my dad age tell me like I was working like an adult even though I was still young at that time. I became a project manager when my last year of teenage. Most of the people may think that was the best thing could happened to a young teenager. But now I realize that I can be something else .. something more stupid than being a project manager. Being a project manager I lost my soul to become a guitarist who used to play with a band. Now I don’t want to manage a project anymore.

Unlike my friends I quit from university. The result is now I am working as an IT technician oversea and still single and they get married and some divorced twice. They are having children and I’m acting like a child still wondering how I lost a day whenever I saw the sun set. Most of the childhood friends don’t know where I was now and what I’m doing. Once or twice I met with a few of them, ten years after high school. I tried to explain to them about my profession or at least the things I used to do. They simply awe the words and terms which sound very stupid to non-IT peoples. In this way I have nothing new to say to them but I enjoy with them talking old memories sometime a bit nostalgic.

Anyway this is about myself from my point of view. If you try to write about mine it will be myself from your point of view for me. Also I may change mood and feeling over times. If I write next time about the same thing, I will not write this same essay. It’s not like you can’t jump into the same river, it’s just I will simply forgot this essay. Forgetting things also as good as remembering childhood memories. If I don’t forget a lot of details I will write this essay as in first grade. I still remember my essay has only ten lines most of the lines are not telling about myself.

Similar to this essay, my first grade teacher teach me to notice the surrounding and write them down as I see. After 20 years later, now, you may find my surrounding in my essay but you can’t find me in this essay. I doubt that the term “Myself” itself is somewhat illusive or I still don’t know about me. Or I don’t have enough information to write down about me. Maybe I will try after next 20 years if I’m still alive and still remember to write a new essay. Maybe I will end up like everyone else who don’t bother to write this kind of essay anymore.



( notes : anyone who like to evaluate this essay with some kinda stupid marking scheme, especially to some ppls who're happy giving marks to ppls writings, please be simply f**k off from this page. Remember we are not in the classroom and we write as we desire ... aren't we ? )

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April            Water Festival
May            Pouring water on the sacred Bo-Tree
June           Monks Examination for the Religious Texts
July            The Ordination Ceremony
August        Offering meal to Monks by drawing lots
September   The Royal Regatta
October       The Light Festival
November     Multiple Festivals
Decembers   Literaly Day and Day for the Homage to Mahaina yaha
January       Cavalry Parade and Independence Day Celelrations
February      Comunity cooking Festival
Pagoda Eestival on sand banks

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ProjectW was back!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

It's simply back .. use your old username and password to log in.

This is the current logo.


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Puu Kaung Said : 

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moehein Said :
Kalvin Said :
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Puu Kaung said :

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Kalvin Said :

No .. think it in the other way. Maybe in old days .. politician might scared of these news media .. but now .. they get clever ... seems taken from the past experiences. So nowadays they tried to get influenced these media as much as they can.

Try looking the 911 events and the responses of the media around the world. Those media tycoon CNN/Fox/BBC etc etc working together. Detail explanation are in the fahrenheit 9/11 documentary.

And also recently you can see the how the impact of media coverage like youtube got banned in thailand, report incorrectly about the recent US University Mass killer as Chinese Student. After they get the real killer as Korean .. korean government apologise as soon as possible.

You know they adapted the situation for a long time.

I think this is the essense of this topic .. is that Mr. Monkey ?

StoryBoy said :

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Kalvin Said :
9/11 udpöwckyJ jyefoHk;oyfMunfhygOD;/ CNN, FoxNews, CNBC, BBC, VOA tp&SdwJh owif;XmeawG owif;pmawG tukefvHk;u a&;cJhMuwmyg/ Archive awGvJ &Sdygw,f/ 'gudkyJ oHk;oGm;wmyg/
StoryBoy Said :


Kalvin Said :

t&ifacwfuawmh owif;pmqdkwm odyfudk MuD;rm;wJh rD'D,mMuD;yg/ tckawmh tawmfav; arS;rSdefoGm;ygjyD/ uRefawmfqdk b,fowif;pm? b,f*sme,f? b,fr*f*Zif;rS rzwfawmhygbl;/

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owif;ynm&yf udkawmh av;pm;ygw,f/ 'gayr,fh 'DbufacwfrSm owif;awGrsm;vGef;vdkU Information Overloaded jzpfaeygjyD/ owif;pmqdkwmvJ aemif 10ESpfavmuftwGif;rSm yHkpHajymif;jyD; aysmufuG,foGm;r,fh t&mwckvdkUawmif ,lqae&ygjyD/
Maybe flexible display or foldable screen will be used instead of printing media, then printing will not be essential process like todays newspapers. Then current wireless technologies will be improved and will be more than enough to do necessary download for everyday's news .. and become like internet will be in ur hand at all time.
After that news will be more overloaded than before ....
Major Challenge is "News" and "News Paper" won't be passive ( one way ) anymore.
t&ifacwfu owif;awGu taoawG ( 'DaeUacwftjrifeJUajymwmyg/ tJ'Dacwfuawmh aMu;eef;owif;qdkwm tawmfjrefvSjyDudk;/ )
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'DvdkeJU vlawG&JU owif;pmawGay:jrifwJh tjrifawG ajymif;vJukefvdkufMuwm .. vGefcJhwJh ESpf50eJU tck rdk;eJUajravmufjzpfaeygjyD/
SpiderX Said :

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Kalvin Said :
acwfajymif;oGm;jyD vdkUyJ ajymawmhr,f yifhul/ 
acG;udk vludkuf&if owif;jzpfwm igwdkU tazwdkU acwfu ...
tckawmh ..
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pwJh pwJh owif;aygif; rsm;pGm xGufwJh acwfvdkU igawmh xifw,f/
( zdk&rfaqG;aEG;csufrsm;rS jyefvnfaumufEkwf pkpnf; az:jyonf/ )

Published by Kalvin on Sunday, July 01, 2007 at 4:02 PM.

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