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End of Day 2 and Beginning of Day 3
Day 2 : After end of office hour I'm still in the office as usual. At that time, I get my first urge to light up. I know it will come and I feel it for the first time. Before this day, I used to go out, take my pack and light up to ease the urge. This won't happened this time. I don't know what else to do, but there's only 1 thing prepared for this situation. Nicotine feeder pill, which has 1mg of nicotine.
I took first pill on second day, the taste was lousy, something like eating cigarette in raw. Or it's like somebody drop a cig in the soup and drinking it. After 5 min of that pill in my mouth .. start feeling dizzy and can't stand that thing anymore .. so I spit it out. No more urge to light up.
Get back home, had dinner then ... again .. urge to smoke, I don't stay outside, get back to my PC and start playing game, wait for gf's for phone conversation, continue playing until I get sleepy. Remberber to remove the patch before bed time too.
Day 3 : Get up with something wrong, I don't know until I put the patch after shower. Instead of dizziness like the first day, I feel like okay. Read a book all the way to office. Nothing unusual until lunch time. I'm having good appetite today, everyone noticed it. Maybe because of new food court or just because of smoke free life for 3 days. But I know I'm still depending on nicotine and the level of nicotine in my blood doesn't drop much.
One of my friend advice to have quarter or half of nicotine feeder if I had some urge to light up. Yes I should try that too. I think whole pill (1mg) was too much for me now. It's after 2pm and still no mood to smoke.
But I notice that there's a bit of constant drowsiness for 3 days since I start using the patch. And my skin was over-sensitive to most of the chemical agents, such as detergent, so this patch too. I found a bit of irritation where I put the patch. But the amount of irritation was nothing much to bother.
Night-time will be another small battle between self-determination and desire. I believe I will win this battle.

Published by Kalvin on Wednesday, March 19, 2008 at 2:16 PM.

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