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"Disappear in the thin air" is the common clause my english teacher used to tell me whenever someone skipped the class. But this is not the blame and she don't ask the rest to "get lost". And the rest of us try to forget those absentees and start working around and at last ... they were never existed.
In life ... some ppl want to move on, some ppl want to grab, some ppl want to run away, some ppl want to struggle, some ppl want to flee, some ppl want to die in vain. Some ppl might say "coward", some say "loosen up and move on", some say "Why the hell are you stucked in one place ?" and some even say "Move as fast as you can to catch up with the trends but Don't step on the heap of dung".
Well .. most of us don't want to move that much but we don't love to dwell on the same old thing for too long. Yes we moved in some extent to different direction within different dimension. Sometime we are popping in and out, sometime disappeared from one place and never ever appear back again, sometime we splinch ourselves during popping. Sometime we are always there for some ppls and they think we are always there and never moved an inch ... at the same time .. somebody else was complaining me that I moved too fast ...
Did I *poof* again ? No .. ahh .. maybe Yes .. I don't know .. it's depends on the view you are looking from. But I did loosen up a bit and lost some burdens .. good for me at least. Like my english teacher's class ... those ppl like my classmate will move on by themselves and they will forget me soon .. which mean I will actually disappear from their lives. At that time .. there will be no *poof* ... no sounds .. no nothing. But I won't complain about it .. since the first *poof* mean ... I was bound to be forgotten.

Published by Kalvin on Tuesday, September 11, 2007 at 12:03 PM.

2 Responses to “* poof ! *”

  1. # Blogger Thazin

    (To: Poof)
    pls write more about "Looser". wanna read it in your writing style about giving up something.Just a request!
    (fr: YouKnowMe)  

  2. # Blogger Kalvin

    Thanks for the comment.

    Since you wanna see more about loser ? When did I post about something loser related thing ?

    "more about Loser" you mean ? Giving up something ... ? hmmm ... it's painful and hard to transform those things into words .... well .. I'll give it a try when I have some free times.

    btw .. I have no idea about who you really are. Usually it doesn't matter the commenter was unknown to me but now the last word "YouKnowMe" bother me.  

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