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9 Dragons ... you might ask what's that ?

It's MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) explained in wikipedia.

Tada .. now I was one of them .. ( like the one shown above )

My clan was Wu Tang reaching 5th Cheng ( Rasing Light ) of current top Cheng was 10 ( Floral Crown ) . There might be a lot of players around the world .. The maximum Cheng listed was 20 ( Heavenly Immortal ). Each level have 12 sub levels.

It's a free and all you need to do is registered and download the game. Even after you download the game, you have to download the patches and updates and everything.

Don't worry the loader will automatically do those jobs for you. After you successfully installed your game, make this program as a shortcut on your desktop, so you can click it and play directly. ( Program link : "C:\Program Files\9Dragons\NINEDRAGONS.EXE" )

Before you play that game or during a noob inside that game .. read some guides and forum about that game. Because once you start your game .. you have to choose a place where your clan located and you have to start working in order to join those clans. Currently Wu Tang is the most demanding clan to join among other white clan.

This is the brief list :

White Clans
Wu-Tang: (swords, gloves, bracers) Joining cheng Gathering Chi 8 ( 20th levels )
Shaolin: (polearm, gloves, bracers) Joining cheng Losing Self 6, Men only ( 6th levels )
The League of Beggars: (staffs, gloves, bracers) Joining cheng Losing Self 4 ( 4th levels )

Black Clans
Heavenly Demon: (sabers, gloves, bracers) Joining cheng Gathering Chi 8 ( 20th levels )
Sacred Flower: (wheels, daggers, bracers) Joining cheng Losing Self 4, Women only ( 4th levels )
The Brotherhood of Thieves: (spears, axes, bracers) Joining cheng Losing self 6 ( 6th level )

Advanced clans
Black Dragon: (Scythes,???,???) (Black Advanced clan)
Disciples of the Iron Fist: (Fists,???,???) (White Advanced clan)
The Union of the Noble Families: (Fans,???,???) (Neutral Advanced clan)

The requirements to join advanced clans are that the player must possess a level 160 character. (Not implemented in acclaim version of the game yet) So until now I don't know what's the requirement of the Advanced Clan.

One more important thing is .. 4 types of Classes in every clan

Warrior: Masters of the clan's main weapon. (Main stat: Constitution, Strength, Dexterity)
Strategist: Buffer and healer (Main Stats: Strength, Dexterity and to a lesser extent Essence)
Chi Kung Caster: Long-range attack specialists, Also know as a "Nuker" (Main Stats: Wisdom and Essence)
Hybrid: The soloist fusion of Strategist and Chi Kung User with adequate physical capabilities with the clan's secondary weapon (Main Stats: Strength, Dexterity and to a lesser extent Essence and Constitution)

Choose wisely since you start playing, you have 3 more chances to change these settings when you were accepted by the clan, during the training period and once you got some high level .. ( read more in those forums ).


Have fun


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Guide :

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