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As you know .. cbox was useful and popular. But those useful technologies have some kind of drawbacks at the same time. At the same time .. having a cBox in blog was becoming fashion among our mm bloggers.
After I saw thing happening to many cBox by my friends and fellow bloggers around me. I'm re-thinking my idea of getting a cBox for my blog.
Differences between CBox and Twitter.
1. You can chat in CBox, I will use gtalk or YIM or MSN or Jabber or ( the list will be long )
2. Spammed in CBox by those morons who have some freetime.
3. You can comment or reply or notification to CBox but I prefer the comments in post.
Then I know what I want to do ... it's I'd like to show my status or short message to my friends ( like they want to know ... eh ? well .. it's also very easy to ignore too. )
I use this .. twitter, which can be said as reverse functionalities of cBox. Passive but instant status message showing to visitors. Check this out .
Some ppl might think .. I just wanna stand outta the crowd but NO. Refer to my Unique post a few days ago. I just simplified my need to twitter and just realized that I don't need a cBox before adding it to my blog.

Published by Kalvin on Monday, September 03, 2007 at 3:34 PM.

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