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I don't play cards, I don't took ToTo/4D and I don't do any other gambling. I am gambling with my life now, I don't need any more added weight. I don't want free money and I don't want to pay a cent for gambling.

I don't go disco or clubbing or whatever it was called. I'm happy staying in quite place, listening to my thousands of mp3s via my own headphone. Going out having fun doesn't mean clubbing and get drunk, for me at least.

I don't watch sports because I only like to play and I will not sit and watch when other people playing. ( If the players are my friends that will be different story. ) Most of the ppl gamble over ball games .. well I don't .. so I will not get excited if somebody scored.

I don't have a habit of goin' out and sitting at cafe/teashop/beerbar. I like tea, coffee, beer and all kind of strong liquor. I drink beer/liquor sometime but not always because I need a clear head to do a lot of things like re-modding my blog's template or playing game.

I don't watch TV since I hate TV Commercials which appear almost all the time on the screen. I don't need to know the latest news since Google was more than enough than any other TV stations. I don't watch movies from TV because there's always DVDs you can buy, rent, download or watch online at almost anytime. Maybe I'll go to cinema for some movies but surely not on TV.

I don't have party on weekend. What I want to do in weekend ?? well .. nothing special .. I mean .. staying at home .. sleeping till noon is already special for me. Plus .. cooking something I like is value added. Oh .. yes I cook almost every day. Maybe special meal on weekend, maybe with some friends. Unless I'm having romentic dinner .. I'd rather buy geroceries instead of spending for restaurant meal and we can have better meal for more people or more time.

I don't like shopping, especially window-shopping and same goes to shopping mall, yes I have to admit, this is the major reason I'm staying home. Here in singapore, everywhere is shopping mall. Every brands are on sale, giving huge discount every months and weeks some are doin' that everyday. If you keep buying thing in half price you need to rent another flat or parhaps a warehouse to keep your own shopped items. ( can we forget about the actual price and discounted price gap or sometime having similar figure. ) I do shopping for my requirements, foods, cloths, accessories and etc etc. Oh speaking of shopping I love goin' around SIMLIM and Funan but I am not making it as a habit.

Oh now .. you might start thinking of me as a stupid asshole ... no please .. don't go extreme. These are  just what I wish to do and these are not the 100% reflection of my daily life.

Sometime I might go have dinner in lousy restaurant, some weekend I might go movie and shopping and I'll go some park like east coast park just to spend the whole day and come back exhausted.

Can I say these are not my habits only and Can I mean those are not what I'm not used to do more often ?



Published by Kalvin on Wednesday, September 05, 2007 at 5:59 PM.

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  1. # Blogger hana san

    nice to read this post.
    Some habits are the same as mine.
    for me, I don't like people who is asking the other's personal affairs, the other's business.
    I don't like to go out for fun.
    I don't talk to the strangers.
    I don't like shopping. I don't ....
    Ohh..I have more "I don't s " than you do.
    by the way, how is life? LTNS !  

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