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It's a simple question "Why do u like Alcohol?"
But answer is a bit comeplex and long.
At first I like alcohol .. no .. it's more than that .. I love alcohol.
I start testing with Army Rum when I'm 13. And start liking when I'm 15.
When I'm 17 I start drinking regularly .. sorta 3 or 4 days per week.
At my 18-19, I used to drink almost everyday .. if I have to work alone for the whole day .. I start drinking from the morning and most of my friends don't drink with me because of my large consumption of the stock.
But I quit it when I'm 20 just around my 20th b-day. And avoid it totally for 3 years. After that I only drink on very rare occasion ... like friends gathering, farewell party and some a few other special occasions. Nobody actually restrict me drinking alcohol.
My mom used to tell me not to drink too much and encourage me to avoid it. My dad just ignored me when I get drunk ( He used to hate drinkers but he dun tell anything. ) my current gf has no restriction over alcohol.
One of my close friend dun want me to drink .. he's the only one who used to tell me to stop drinking b4 my 20. One of my ex-gf dun like drinking but at that time I'm totally avoided drinking, so she has nothing to say.
Drinkers in my life.
The first one is my lovely eldest uncle. He died drinking alcohol when I'm about to start drinking in my 13.
Then my youngest uncle, he got so many social and health problem drinking alcohol. He still trying to quit it but hopefully he is reducing now.
Me myself, drink almost everyday and some of my friends start trying to avoid me and some even tell me to quit it. One night in mdy around my 20, I drove my bike in 90kph and slipping on the road and fall off .. smacking the road .. my friend behind me got some injury and that's the night I decided to quit it totally. I somehow can managed to stay away from drinking until now.
My charming Kachin friend who was younger 4 years than me died immediately because of drinking too much alcohol. When he died he's only 17... 1 year after I quit it.
One of my handy friend who used to help our group a lot start drinking everyday. After 5 years later .. he start facing family, social, psychological problems. After many problems with him .. we all decide to ignore him and we lost our dear friend. He had involved in several accidents because of alcohol .. several ppl got injuried more than three times because of his drunk-driving and make other problems to the other ppls and we had to go to hospital, clinic & police station.
One of my old inferior who used to work very hard, now lost his nerve, trust, job and reputation because of over consumption. Now every time I saw him .. he comes up and ask me some money for a few drink. oh .. I'm very sad to see him now.
Now two of my close friends having problem with all ppl around them ( including me ) because of drinking too much regularly. They lost their money in business, they lost their serious relationship and they are losing friends now.
Now I still love alcohol, I still love to drink alcohol but I hate some ppl's behaviours changes after they get drunk and some ppl who used to drink a lot regularly ( if they are my close relatives/friend.) Some good ppl who used to drink a lot in my life die earlier than they should OR if they are not dead yet they bothered me to death in the next few year which I can't avoid it.
Some ppl said alcohol is sorta friendship making happy thing in life. Yes I agree I used to enjoy it for several years and until now. I just hate some drinkers who are lacking  self-respect and do the worse thing which they dun dare to do it in normal mode .. hiding under the title of alcohol. 
I love to drink with some ppl ... especially from this forum
( e.g : ko JL but with exception which is without his favourite bullsh*t dish )

Published by Kalvin on Saturday, November 18, 2006 at 4:29 AM.

3 Responses to “Alcohol & Me”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Alchol is not good for ur health, i think...  

  2. # Anonymous Thyda

    It is coincident that I was thinking about reasons why alcohol is not good for ppl, on my way back from work. I agree with you but a problem is, I do not know how to explain the matter to Japanese ppl,I am working with. They drink alcohol until they died . They gain social benefits by drinking alcohol with their business partners/family members/friends.(surely, they do not drink alcohol in working hours).

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your experiences.  

  3. # Blogger Steve Evergreen

    3 units of alcohol a day is OK according to the advice available around the world. Do you know the 3 units? Alcohol 1 unit=half pint of beer=25 ml of 40% alcohol= one glass of wine (measuring with proper wine glass). When I was under 25, my limit was up to half bottle of Mandalay Rum some time ( at Innwa hotel and shops on 30th street, I really miss those places). Now my body has changed. A 2 shot of whisky is more than enough. You know binged drinking habit is not good.  

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