This is the web Diary and I will blog whenever I feel good to blog. I don't know how blogs were classified .. this is just a Personal Diary or my own views upon things happening around me. Most of the Posts in this blog are written in Myanmar (Burma) Native Language, known as Burmese/Myanmarsar (Not Myanmese or Barmen). This blog is composed with Winkalaw Font. I recommend you to get the Winkalaw 3 (modified) from the link below.

Download WinKalaw Font Unofficial Version 3 for Better Reading

rdk;av0o ausmufwHk; ( bmomjyef )
toHk;jyKyHk /   / tdrftjyifbuf [if;vif;jyifwGif ajrjyifrS cg;tjrifhcefU csdwfqGJxm;yg/
ausmufwHk;udk toHk;jyKjyD; rdk;av0o cefUrSef;yHk /   /
pdkaevQif = rdk;&Gmaeonf
ajcmufaevQif = rdk;r&Gmyg
ajray:wGifausmufwHk;t&dyfjrif&vQif = aeylaeonf/
ausmufwHk;tay:ydkif; jzLaevQif = ESif;usaeonf/
ausmufwHk;udk rjrif&vQif = jrLxaeonf/
ausmufwHk; b,fnmvTJaevQif = avxefonf/
ausmufwHk; tay:atmuf ckefaevQif = ivQifvIyfaeonf/
ausmufwHk; r&SdawmhvQif = rkefwdkif;usaeonf/
ausmufwHk; a&jrKyfaevQif = a&MuD;aeonf/
Ref : Gary's Weather Forecasting Stone

Published by Kalvin on Tuesday, August 14, 2007 at 11:07 AM.

3 Responses to “Weather Forecast ( How To )”

  1. # Blogger sophia

    Hahaaa...Its funny!!!

  2. # Blogger Sagaing

    cbox မ႐ွိလို႔ ဒီမွာဘဲေရးခဲ့တယ္ ေနာ္
    အနည္းငယ္ပါဆိုမွ အနည္းငယ္ဘဲေပါ့
    Professional ႀကီးကလည္းဗ်ာ ေနာက္ၿပီ :D  

  3. # Blogger စိုးေဇယ်ထြန္း

    လာနီညာျဖစ္ရင္ေကာ ဘယ္လို ျပမွာလဲ မသိဘူး  

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