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Just got a MMS from

Showing stupid clip inside and the size of MMS was 166KB. What the hell is that ? Why am I was entitled to get these kind of stupid messages ?

Message is like ...

"Think you can capture better tricks than this ?"

Showing some idiot doin' some moves ( boring .. Zzzz ) then .. closing message like

"Unleash your creativity and submit your video clips to MeTV now and Earn Cash! Simply compose a new MMS, start video recording and send it to 6388 (metv). For details and to view other creative videos submitted, click here now ( Browsing MeTV Portal on Gee! Menu is FREE of charge )

What's more, from now till Sept 07, simply create your own interpretation of StarHub's "I am a Hub" TV commercial and stand to WIN Attractive Cash + Phone! For full details see the "I am a Hub" TV commercial, click here out)

What the hell is this ? I have my own PC and Laptop and subscribed an Internet line from you ( StarHub ) .. why the hell do I need to browse that sucidal-slow WAP site ?

If I want to capture a movie/clip, I'll use something else like DVCam or simply Movie mode on digital camera, I hate 3gp format clips which you can see almost nothing. New technology ? eh ? forget it.

Earn Cash ? I'm working my own job .. I don't need any FREE money and most of the ppl around me don't want your so-called FREE Money. If I want more money .. maybe I'll go around and sell tissue at the corner of food court.

This is so-lame to ask me to compose a MMS and send to you .. for what ? getting more this kinda stupid MMS/SMS ads ??? Please I think I tried to unsubscribe any MMS services from the first place. I'll go to nearest StarHub service center to check again. Really!

And the last thing I want to say is .. I hate each and every TV commercial and I don't watch TV at all. I am a Hub. But I want to be a Hidden Hub and disappear from these sales promoters. If this stupid MMS thing was in my phone Bill .. I'm sure I'll give my best continuous complaint to any nearest service center. Or I'll do whatever I can do to get revenge legally.

And another mobile (using singtel) is getting regular SMS .. daily

I will not buy things which I don't need whether it was ON SALE or 99% Discount or BUY 1 GET 1 FREE or whatever. I had enough of this fukking message and don't flood my inbox. I know where are all the stores and super markets in singapore, since the whole country was plenties of Shopping Malls.

And Credit Card companies .. please stop calling me, I'm at work, in the meeting or having a good time. Whatever I'm doin' is none of your business. If I want a credit card I know where to go, and how to get a credit card. The reason I don't have a credit card mean either I don't have enough money to get OR simply I don't want to get it. OKAY ?

Published by Kalvin on Wednesday, August 08, 2007 at 3:15 PM.

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  1. # Blogger sophia

    Hahaa..funny!!! I wonder how you are so hard-hitting...In a way it is good, after writing this blog, might have felt letting it off.  

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