This is the web Diary and I will blog whenever I feel good to blog. I don't know how blogs were classified .. this is just a Personal Diary or my own views upon things happening around me. Most of the Posts in this blog are written in Myanmar (Burma) Native Language, known as Burmese/Myanmarsar (Not Myanmese or Barmen). This blog is composed with Winkalaw Font. I recommend you to get the Winkalaw 3 (modified) from the link below.

Download WinKalaw Font Unofficial Version 3 for Better Reading

b0[m bmrS r[kwfwJh opfawmfoD; wJh .. usm;aygufu qdkw,f/
raeUu ukvm;um;wDAGDzGifh&if; Munfhrdawmh ...
]b0qdkwm a&cJrkefUvdkyJwJh t&nfraysmfcifpm;&w,f} vdkUqdkjyefw,f/
wcgwavusawmh udk,frodvkdufbJ t&nfaysmfukefwmawG? wckckrsm;vm;qdkjyD; MunfhrdwJh opfawmfoD;awG tawmfrsm;aervm; ...../
rSwfcsuf/   / opfawmfoD;udk pmvHk;raygif;wwfojzifh rSm;aeu cGifhvTwfMuyg/

Published by Kalvin on Friday, November 03, 2006 at 6:14 PM.

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