This is the web Diary and I will blog whenever I feel good to blog. I don't know how blogs were classified .. this is just a Personal Diary or my own views upon things happening around me. Most of the Posts in this blog are written in Myanmar (Burma) Native Language, known as Burmese/Myanmarsar (Not Myanmese or Barmen). This blog is composed with Winkalaw Font. I recommend you to get the Winkalaw 3 (modified) from the link below.

Download WinKalaw Font Unofficial Version 3 for Better Reading


ta0;MuD;u oli,fcsif;a&
rif;&JUvGwfusoGm;wJh tdyfruftwGuf
tpm;rxdk;Edkifawmif ,lcsifvdk,lcsifjim;
ighrSm ESpfodrfhtjyHK; 2ck3ck&Sdygw,f/

teD;qHk;u oli,fcsif;a&
&ifxJu tylawGudk cGJa0r,lEdkifjim;
pdwfusOf;usyfrIawG a0rQem;axmifr,fh
ighrSm em;wpfpHkawmh &Sdygw,f/

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bmqufvkyf&rvJ acgif;pm;aewm
rajz&Sif;ay;Edkifawmif toHk;usavrvm;qdkjyD;
ighrSm tdkif'D,mtydkif;tpwcsKdU &Sdygw,f/

teD;qHk;u oli,fcsif;a&
&ifeJUrqefUawmhwJh cHpm;csufawG
ravsmhyg;&ifawmif wlrQcHpm;zdkU
ighrSm ESvHk;om;wpfck &Sdygw,f/

ig[m bmaumifrSr[kwfwmaMumifh
ESpfodrfhjyHK; cyfrSdefrSdef? cyfxHkxHk em;wpfpHk
tdkif'D,m cyfpkwfpkwf? ESvHk;om; cyf,Jh,Jh
'gavmufyJ&SdwJh oli,fcsif;wpfa,mufyg/

28 atmufwdkbm 2006

eD;eD;a0;a0;rS b0qdkwJhvrf;udk twlwGJavsmufaz: oli,fcsif;rsm;tm;vHk;odkU .....

Published by Kalvin on Saturday, October 28, 2006 at 3:45 AM.

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