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"Transparent Gap"
That was the first word comes in my head when I saw the photo. I saw two lives, one behind the glass and another in front of the glass. The gap between them is too thin and transparent to see each other.
But they were seperated, they may disconnected, they will not understand each other. Maybe .. they may see each other in day to day life but they won't hear each other, let a lone to get in touch.
Sometime the person out there want to go the other side of this glass, they only have the wish ( as mighty ultimate wish ) but they found no way to go the other side.
That's the layer between rich and poor, that's the gap which protect the rich from poor. That's the huge barrier for the poor to get to the other side of life.
That's the meaning of the world, that's the clear view of the "Closed Transparent Gap". That's me and my fellow citizens who are watching sci-fi movies with inverters and power generators. That's represent the majority of population who don't know or never understand the life at the other side of glass.
Thanks for the photo Tycoon.
Photo Credit to Tycoon from Forum.


Published by Kalvin on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 3:22 PM.

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