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Among the Laptop & Notebooks around me ACER & DELL have the best Price / Performance ratio ( exception for DELL ... 10 to 14 days delivery time and only online payment and weight like a cement block .. damn that was heavy )
Apart from that Heavy Weight DELL .. Yes ACER has the best Price / Performance ratio.
Same price 1300 with a bit different specs. DELL Insprion 6400 Vs Acer Aspire 5613ZWLMi ( nearly same price 1250~1300 )
I prefer DELL but if you are a girls and planning to carry around your laptop... you should choose Acer.
For me 12" screen was very tiny. 14.x" screens are acceptable and 15.4" is my favorite.

I'm using 19" widescreen LCD for my desktop but I dun need 17"/19"/21" or any wide screen for the laptop. Without this 15.4" Screen I will still hate these laptop/notebook.

Again to the DELL, yes it was in S$ 1298 ( let's say 1300 ).


Checkout and .




Intel Core2 T5500 @ 1.66 GHz (2MB Cache, 1.60GHz. 533MHz FSB)

2GB Dual Channel DDR2 RAM  ( Share  224 MB with GPU )


15.4" Wide Screen XGA Display

DVD Burner, wifi, bluetooth, 5 in 1 memory card reader and nice builtin speaker.

OS ~ From XPSP2 to Vista

Price   S$1299

( Delivery time 10 to 14 days from Penang to Sg )




And also for ACER Aspire 5613ZWLMi

Operating System    ~ Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium

Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor T2080 (1.73GHz, 533MHz FSB, 1MB L2 cache)


15.4" WXGA TFT LCD, Intel® 943GML integrated 3D graphics with up to 224MB of VRAM


DVD-Super Multi Double-Layer drive (DVD+/-RW)

Price    S$1,298 ( 1250S$ at Funan Mall ~ pm me if u want to know the shop )

( if you pay Cash Down/Net 50S$ off plus Standard USB Optical Mouse, off the shelf )



Differences Between them

You can compare the hardware specification and also I found out more ... like this.



Dell include Installation CDs, OS Installer, Driver CD, Manual and some other software like MS Work 8.5 ( useless but free ) but ACER will give you nothing but a small sheet of paper.

Both comes with Notebook Bag but DELL's bag is a lot nicer and bigger than ACER, since DELL was a lot heavier than ACER .. lolz.

And DELL has bigger builtin speaker which sound more nicer than ACER but you can buy an ACER on the spot ( if stock is available )

You need to pay online and wait for a couple of weeks to get your laptop with a huge box ( usually made in china labeled plastic bags ) .. they put everything in that box including the laptop bag ( quite big one ).


If you don't like to carry smaller/lighter notebook you should think about ACER and If you are not enough power crazy guy like me who willing to carry that brick like heavy DELL .. take my advice .. don't go for DELL.



Why I can say this much about them ?

I'm using DELL INSPIRON 6400 and my brother using ACER Aspire 5613ZWLMi.

Published by Kalvin on Monday, April 30, 2007 at 11:41 AM.

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