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Jump to the 3rd wave .. we need 4 things.
1. Electricity
( 100% up time for 24x7 with effordable price, stable voltage and 100% continutity )
2. Communication
( High speed connection for each and every one, especially for IT ppls with international price and service )
mean approx 30USD monthly fees for 1024K Dn and 512K Up ( not like 44K dn 22K up )
with no firewall or no port banning. 60USD Annual Fees is okay but 1200~1500 Initial fess is sux.
3. Education
( If the majority of students fresh Graduate esp Computer Sciences Degree holder can't start working even at the entry level .. after graduation, those university or institution need to review themselves. )
If a student can't swim in the market stream, mean dunno about major softwares like Linux, MS OS, Java, .Net, Oracle .. what's the point of his study ?
4. Infrastructure
( This is quite wide area to discuss, approval to do some kinda communication lines to having internet banking with overseas countries also getting IEEE and ISO standardization.  )
We need REAL Intranet which enable P2P, B2B, B2C etc etc. First, ,We have to lose some leads who are thinking INTRANET is just a local network.
Without these steps .. forget about jumping from 1st wave to 3rd wave. It won't happened. Nothing will jump from 1st wave .. we are goin' back before the 1st wave ..
The above Article about 3rd wave and IT  .... which BaganNat re-write was one of our hope in 1997. Now it's 2007.
So without the Electricity, Communication, Education & Infrastructure ... it's just a dream. A lot of IT ppls had this dream for a decade ... it's just fading from our memories. ( fcuking sh*t, it's sux )

Published by Kalvin on Tuesday, June 19, 2007 at 12:02 PM.

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