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Help me! Download this series of books from RapidShare
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Microsoft .Net Core Requirements
ISBN: 0735619255
File Type : CHM
Rar Size : 8.73 MB
pages : 2704
Publisher: Microsoft Press (April 9, 2003)
Author : Microsoft Corporation

1. Developing Windows-Based Applications - 2nd ed.
2. Developing Web Applications - 2nd ed.
3. Developing XML Web Services and Server Components
4. Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures
About the Book
All-in-one exam preparation for MCAD or MCSD certification for Microsoft  .NET
Great resources, excellent value. Get in-depth training and practice with the skills measured by the core exams for MCAD or MCSD certification—all in one box. Covering Exams 70-300, 70-305/70-315, 70-306/70-316, and 70-310/70-320, these four official Microsoft  study guides encompass both language specialties—Microsoft  Visual Basic® .NET and Microsoft Visual C#™ .NET—for both the MCAD and MCSD exam tracks. Work at your own pace through each book’s lessons and hands-on exercises and apply your new expertise to an evaluation version of Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET Professional software, included free with this set. You can assess your progress and sharpen your test-taking skills using the enhanced practice exams on CD. As you gain practical experience defining solution architecture, building Microsoft Windows® applications, and developing XML Web services and applications for Microsoft .NET, you’re also preparing for MCAD and MCSD certification.
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